Amity Health was founded to dramatically enhance the performance of healthcare systems through the design and development of new products, services and systems based on the transfer of knowledge between health-related and non-medical disciplines.  Our goal is to identify intelligence, best practices, methodologies and technologies from outside of healthcare which can contribute to, and optimize healthcare professional performance towards the healing and well-being of patients.

Our distinctive competence is the successful facilitation of the transfer of concepts, knowledge and tools into healthcare from fields and disciplines outside of medicine, with particular focus on human factors in performance and decision making.


Amity Health designs products, defines their development path and provides a product management framework to support their commercial development

Amity also provides strategy and program development services to companies and other organizations seeking to optimize their roles and relationships in the healthcare ecosystem


Extraordinary healthcare can be truly symphonic.  In the symphony, performers use their instruments to express their part of a score to create a concordant experience for the audience.  In healthcare, the score is represented by the evidence and best practices;  however, players must be also be mindful of the patient and of each other, because the symphony only exists in the collective effort. Just as musical instruments cannot play themselves, tools and technologies used in healthcare cannot operate independent of the human factors influencing the patient and the systems of care providing them service towards healing.